I am a Parisian to the core through and through. From Elegance to my love of all things luxury and classy, to red sole high heels, you cannot get Paris out of me. I moved from France to England in my teenage years with one suitcase and no English. Within my first 10 years of moving to the UK, I made my way from small jobs to investment banking. The only black woman at that time on an international trading floor dealing in Emerging Markets. I worked in a male-dominated world which as a woman is not easy but I learned the skills needed to thrive. With the financial crash of 2008, I used my redundancy money and went into Events and build my own company turning over 6 figures annually. For years, I had been running from the call on my life to serve God. It took courage to go back to Uni as a mature student. The stress of running a business, being at Uni, and bringing up young children took its toll and in 2014 I went bankrupt. My marriage broke down and I was left with two young children to fend for myself. As a minister, I discovered a love for women's issues and women's empowerment. As I started preaching and teaching, I realised the important need to strengthen family structures to bring up healthy children and secure our legacies. I am passionate about women because I believe that when women become self-sufficient and financially secure, she gains the self-confidence to become anything she wants to be. Financial security also means the freedom to decide whether or not to stay in a toxic relationship. I know all too well the mindset of a woman who wants more but has to constantly fight harder than others to get there. I am had to transform my way of thinking to become a powerful female entrepreneur Today. I have recovered all. I am thriving as an entrepreneur. I am growing my personal development/ coaching business. I am a TV/Radio host, and a public speaker. Through my development strategies, I help women recognise and break old mindsets. I help them see the possibilities open to them and guide them to take advantage of opportunities that knock at their door without fear, but with boldness and authenticity using their divine power. A woman who has her own money is unstoppable, Myles Munroe said you give a woman anything and she will multiple it. I believe you can too. If my story inspires you to leave the past behind and strive for new independence and an increase in financial security then join the Unstoppable Woman program now!

The Gospel Minister/preacher/singer

“I heard you lead worship last year and I was so depressed but after listening to you, I felt uplifted"

 and more positive.” That’s what Gospel singer/songwriter Faith Maelys was told after she sang at a church event and this stirred her into taking her ministry more seriously.

Faith Maelys’ love of singing comes naturally it’s an act of Worship. ‘My prayer life is my singing, which I do every day, every hour, I pray without ceasing in songs.

Faith has been leading and singing in church for over 15 years. She sang with the Kingsway International Choir (KICC choir) which she admits, is where she fell in love with Gospel Music. Years later, she enrols at the London School of Theology from where she graduated in 2016 with a BA Hons degree in Theology and Worship. She also holds a Certificate and Higher Diploma in Christian Ministry and Worship from the South London Christian College.

Today, she is a Worship Leader and Preacher who ministers all over the UK and Internationally. As a Reverend Minister, she enjoys speaking on women and youth issues. As a TV and Radio presenter, she teaches bible truth and the undiluted gospel in a practical way. You can listen to her show Pearls of Wisdom on radio stations around the UK or watch her Roundtable Talk Show on Youtube.

Faith Maelys describes herself as a survivor, someone who never gives up and continues fighting despite adversity. Through her singing she aspires to bring hope to the hopeless and joy to the mourners.

Look out for Faith Maely’s EP album which will be released soon. Keep up to date with news on our Facebook page @faithmaelys