Faith Maelys is the Founder of Bloom - Inspiring Purpose, a company that empowers the masses to overcome life experiences and to pursue their dream with resilience! Faith Maelys is a Personal Transformation Specialist and Coach. 

A Certified Cultural Intelligence Facilitator with over 20 years of experience in investment banking working across continents using 3 European languages.  
My expertise in branding and marketing extends to the development and implementation of global brands aimed at dispersed ethnic audiences.  
An expert on diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in business. 

A serial entrepreneur and an international multilingual speaker (5 languages). She is also a TV/ Radio host and Podcaster. 

The recipient of many awards for Women's empowerment. She continues to push boundaries with her training and coaching to see women thrive in a male-dominated world. With her story and experience, she hopes to lead thousands to their destiny by using their divine POWER to reach their Next Level in life and in business.


 “I heard you lead worship last year and I was so depressed but after listening to you, I felt uplifted and more positive.”

That’s what Gospel singer/songwriter Faith Maelys was told after she sang at a church event and this stirred her into taking her ministry more seriously. 

Faith Maelys’ love of singing comes naturally it’s an act of Worship. ‘My prayer life is my singing, which I do every day, every hour, I pray without ceasing in songs. 

Faith has been leading and singing in church for over 15 years. She sang with the Kingsway International Choir (KICC choir). She is a graduate of the London School of Theology a BA Hons degree in Theology and Worship. She also holds a Certificate and Higher Diploma in Christian Ministry and Worship from the South London Christian College. 

Today, she is a Worship Leader and Preacher who ministers all over the UK and Internationally. As a Reverend Minister, she enjoys speaking on women and youth issues. As a TV and Radio presenter, she teaches bible truth and the undiluted gospel in a practical way.

Faith Maelys describes herself as a survivor, someone who never gives up and continues fighting despite adversity. Through her singing, she aspires to bring hope to the hopeless and joy to the mourners. 

Look out for Faith Maely’s EP album which will be released soon. Keep up to date with news on our Facebook page @faithmaelys