Trials to Triumph - SE01E07 

As we begin this book, keep in mind that James was a man familiar with suffering. He understood trials and thus he didn’t write empty words. He was speaking from experience. James shows us how to go from trials to…

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FEAR NOT - The Battle for your mind SE01E06

The battle for your mind - one of the greatest weapons of the enemy is FEAR.

Worry, anxiety, and fear can overwhelm us with a thick shadow of darkness. Controlling our every move and thoughts. Yet God says FEAR NOT!

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Breaking Strongholds - SE0105 


Want to learn how to shift your mindset from logic to the God kind of mindset? No longer want to be afflicted by negative thoughts? Learn how to overcome depression and trauma? Do not…

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The Battle for your mind - SE01E04 

The devil wants your mind. He would rather get you to think wrong than to do wrong. The thought is the father of the deed. If he can get you to think about a wrong thing, repeat it enough times…

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Spiritual Warfare Part 2 

Have you ever wondered why something just doesn’t seem to go your way or why some of your prayers go unanswered? 

Have you ever asked God why you are going through hard times after hard times, battles after battles, and…

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Spiritual Warfare Part 1  

As we start our new series on Living the Zoe life I thought that it would be great for us to explore why we are here.

Yes, we have given our life to Christ and we are born again. Yet…

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